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ReadyRoots templates are built to look great on PCs, tablets, and smartphones alike using the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript techniques.

Customize Your Site

Modify your site’s design to fit your brand and style. Style editors allow you to change elements like fonts, colors, and even add your logo.


Customize Your Domain

Using a custom domain gives your site a permanent address on the web. Adding a custom domain is simple. We’ll even do it for you via our free valet service.


Own Your Website

ReadyRoots is built using WordPress, making your site your own. If you want to leave ReadyRoots, you can take your site with you.


Manage Users Easily

Assign users to be site administrators, editors, authors, or contributors easily and across all of your ReadyRoots sites.


Use Android or iOS

Compose a blog post, edit a page, or launch an entirely new ReadyRoots site via our apps for Android and iOS.


Measure Your Growth

Monitor your traffic to see where visitors are coming from and how they’re finding you. Powered by Google Analytics, the industry-leading solution.


Be Faster Than the Competition

Faster sites win. Our hosting, provided by WP Engine, delivers pages in 150 milliseconds. That’s fast. That’s Google PageRank-winning fast.


Never Worry About Servers

No servers to setup. No databases to configure. Better yet, no worries that a successful media campaign will bring down your site due to too much traffic. Our cloud hosting can handle anything.


Stay Secure

Our firewall blocks tens of thousands of known attacks and is updated daily to stop new threats. We also find, and fix, malware attacks and hacks.


Stay Updated

Don’t worry about updates. New software versions are evaluated for security and stability and applied automatically.


Stay Backed Up

Our network of sites is backed up daily. Site owners can schedule additional backups via SFTP, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.


Premium Features

Create a Store & Collect Donations

Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

Manage Events

Build a Wiki

Optional Plugins


StoryCrawler is a real-time social intelligence content curation platform, designed to search and gather news and information across social media, news articles, blogs, RSS feeds and search engines.

Pricing Available Soon


MailChimp is the best way to design, send, and share email newsletters.

Free with MailChimp Subscription


Libsyn provide podcast file hosting, analytics, and publishing tools.

Free with Libsyn Subscription

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